Why the kitchen is so important

Why is the kitchen the most important room in the house? We can tell you exactly why…

Make a statement

The style of your kitchen sets the tone for your entire house. The kitchen is the best room for making a statement regardless of the space you have to work with!


When you think of entertaining in the kitchen, you probably think of socialising with friends and family over wine and food.

Actually, the kitchen provides a space to entertain for the whole family. For example, baking is enjoyed by most, especially young children! Baking is the perfect way to entertain if you have young children; it provides inexpensive, educational entertainment (and involves a bit of mess which kids love!).

It’s also the perfect space to bond with family and friends. Our favourite things to do whilst socialising are eating and drinking. You need a space where you can prepare food without being isolated from your company. Your kitchen should also be somewhere your family want to spend time, encouraging that important bonding time.

Add value to your home

When it comes to selling your house, having a modern and functional kitchen will add tonnes to its resale value - much more than you will have invested into making it over. Find out more about our kitchen makeover service.

You just can’t live without a kitchen

Some people choose not to have a hallway or an en-suite, some people even choose not to have a living area! But a kitchen isn’t optional (because neither is eating).

Posted on: 13th October 2016

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