Where To Get Kitchen Inspiration?

When the time comes that you need or want a new kitchen, where do you start? We always recommend starting with a bit of researching, to find the kind of styles, colours and materials that you like and suit your needs. With so many different places to find inspiration and ideas, it’s easy to get lost and overload yourself with ideas. Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite places to get inspiration from to allow you to dream up your ideal kitchen.


Houzz.co.uk is chock full of amazing pictures of kitchens (amongst other rooms) taking into account different designs, budgets and styles. This means you are never short of choice or options when looking at this site. They also have a shop available so you can purchase the items you like when you find them. If you find things that really take your fancy, you might also be able to find it in their shop! If you don’t where to begin looking, why not take a look at our Houzz profile page for some starting ideas?


IKEA is one of the biggest names in the world for interior design, and this is no different for kitchens. With loads of images in their inspiration gallery, there is no shortage of different combinations of colours or styles. Whether you are drawn to the dark, sleek and elegant cupboards or something that looks like it was pulled from a countryside cottage, IKEA has an example of what you are looking for.


Popular amongst many DIY-ers and creatives, Pinterest can provide inspiration for anything. Filled with content for interior design, one search can lead you into a whole new world of inspiration and ideas, it’s almost never-ending. With its members adding content all the time, it’s impossible to not find something you like. Be warned though, once you start using Pinterest - it’s hard to stop!


Homify is a huge online gallery, and their kitchen inspirations can put most renowned galleries to shame. If you sign up for an account, much like Pinterest, you can save the ideas you really like and build up your own collection of ideas you could envision in your home. Think of Homify as a Pinterest specifically for your house.

Ideal Home

You might have heard of the Ideal Home magazine, so it’s no surprise that their website is overflowing with inspiration. Whether you find it in their extensive gallery of dreamy kitchens, or by reading through advice articles. There is plenty to be found on the Ideal Home Website.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful, is very much like Ronseal: Does what it says on the tin. It’s full of articles all geared towards helping you create a beautiful home. Their kitchen themed posts are particularly helpful, after all the kitchen is the heart of the home. Unlike the other inspiration gold-mines we have listed; House Beautiful isn’t as visually focussed but nevertheless incredibly helpful.

Our Showroom

One of the best places to find inspiration for your kitchen is to visit an actual showroom, like our showroom in Sandiacre. As one of the biggest in Nottingham, you are bound to find styles and materials that you can imagine in your kitchen. You can also speak to our friendly and professional team to get help on finding materials suitable for your needs and your budget.

It’s always important to remember to imagine within the limits of reality. Setting your heart on a kitchen that is beyond your budget or isn’t practical for your lifestyle is just setting you up for heartbreak. Keep your inspiration to the basics, material, colour and style and you’ll be able to find your perfect kitchen without sacrificing the dreams. If you are really unsure about where to start, or you already have some ideas, contact our team to start your kitchen project. 

Posted on: 6th September 2018

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