The Most Efficient Ways To Organise Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so it is essential that it works to your needs to best help you to cook and work efficiently. Everything from the way you layout your appliances to how to store utensils and food can help make your kitchen more efficient.

The Triangle

Most kitchen designers agree that working to a triangle rule can help you work more efficiently when you're cooking. The basics of this rule state that there should be a clear path between your fridge or food storage, your oven and your cleaning area or the sink. Whilst this sounds good in theory, it can get a bit more complicated depending on your kitchen shape.

Normally, you’ll find kitchens have a conventional shape that already follows this pattern naturally, like the U-Shape kitchen pictured above. Other kitchen shapes can make this more difficult, but the idea is fundamentally the same across all shapes.

The idea behind this rule is that there is an easy flow of movement between all of the most vital elements in your kitchen; the oven, the sink and the fridge. To increase ease of access further, relevant utensils and cooking equipment should be stored along the natural pathway to that appliance, for example, pots and pans being near the oven.

Group Items

Anything that is stored in your kitchen should be kept organised alongside and near things of a similar use. Keep all of your baking tools together and separate from your everyday cooking items. This should go for your general organisation to, keep things you don’t very often towards the back of your cupboards to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Find a way to keep things grouped that works for you, and adapt it to work for your whole kitchen. Something as simple as using drawer dividers for your cutlery, or allocating shelves in your cupboards for particular items or uses could help you work more efficiently in your kitchen.

Keep It Clear

There are two ways you can keep things clear in your kitchen that will both give you a more efficient kitchen space. Start with your worktops, keeping them as clear of clutter as possible will give you more space to work with when it comes to cooking. Small appliances like toasters could easily be kept out of the way in a cupboard if you have the space available.

For easier access to food items like packets and mixes, keeping them in a clear container will help you find what you’re looking for much quicker as well as keeping everything tidy and organised. It’s clear-ly a win-win!

Posted on: 7th December 2017

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