The Benefits Of A Fitted Wardrobe

It’s no secret that fitted wardrobes can help bring a finishing touch to a bedroom. But there are other benefits to splashing out this custom piece of furniture.


A fitted wardrobe becomes part of the house, so you can expect much better durability compared to a non-fitted option. With no room for it to wobble or tip with heavy weights inside because it’s attached at all sides, meaning it won’t pull itself apart as time goes by and more and more is added inside.

Fitted wardrobes essentially become part of the room, and with fewer sides accessible compared to a standard wardrobe, there is less chance of scuffs and damage so it will be a long while before it needs replacing!


The big bonus of a fitted wardrobe is the level of customisation that comes with it. Most traditional wardrobes are very set in how they are built and subsequently, the organisational space within is limited. However, with a fitted wardrobe, it is designed around you and your needs - essentially a bespoke storage solution.


Similar to customisation, you can have your wardrobe look however you want it to. You aren’t bound by the dull standard wood designs and colours, you can combine and experiment with huge numbers of choices and combinations, so no matter your colour scheme or style preference you can have a wardrobe that compliments your room perfectly.


Whilst the initial expense of a fitted wardrobe can be off-putting, you will actually be saving money in the long run. With a better durability, like we just mentioned, you will find yourself having to replace it less often, as standalone wardrobes eventually break and suffer from everyday wear and tear. Not only this, but a fitted wardrobe can have a noticeable impact on your house value as they become increasingly popular and more desirable in properties, meaning it helps you cash in when it’s time to move home!

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Posted on: 6th November 2018

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