The basics of a kitchen redesign

Practical considerations with a kitchen redesign

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in any home and it should be designed considering every aspect of your personality and lifestyle.

Most kitchens comply with the ‘work triangle’ rule which considers the positioning of the sink, refrigerator, and primary cooking surface. The total distance between the three is recommended to be less than 26 feet for practicality reasons. 

Breaking the rules

However, it is becoming more common for this rule to be scrapped by kitchen designers. This is for a few reasons; the preparation of meals is more likely to be done by more than one person; a typical kitchen now has a lot more appliances and performs a lot more functions.

With that considered, homeowners and kitchen designers are straying from the ‘work triangle’ and have started to lay out kitchens in ‘zones’. Each zone functions in a different way depending on its use. For example, you will probably want to have a cooking zone, a cleaning zone, an eating zone and a socialising zone.


For easy access and manoeuvrability, your doorway should be no less than 32 inches wide and your walkway should be at least 36 inches wide.

You must also consider how much worktop space you need. 158 total inches of usable countertop is recommended but this largely depends on what functions your kitchen needs to perform; if you don’t do much meal prep then you probably won’t need a lot of worktop! Consider whether you want the most work space next to your oven.

Professional guidance

Planning the layout of your kitchen isn’t easy and can be especially difficult when working with a small space. Our team of professionals are always more than happy to visit your home for a full consultation at no cost. Contact us if you'd like our help!

The overall look and style of your new kitchen

Designing a kitchen that functions effectively and meets your personal requirements is often the hardest part. The fun part is deciding on how you want your kitchen to look! From the lighting to the worktops to the style of your appliances, there is a whole lot of choice on the market to create your own personalised space.


Consider spotlighting important areas of the kitchen; it creates a great atmosphere and it provides practical benefits too.

You might want to add quirkiness and character with low hanging lights above a kitchen island or table.

If you are opting for a contemporary look, you could add LED mood lighting under kitchen units and above worktops.


You could opt for bright white, clean and contemporary or go all out bold, block colours for a retro look. Get some great inspiration in this blog; 'Best Paint Colours' by House Beautiful.

Kitchen units and doors

A large proportion of your budget will be spent on new units and doors so it’s important that you find a style you love and will still love for years to come. Download a Kitchen Fit Sandiacre brochure to browse our extensive range of units and doors.


Posted on: 5th September 2016

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