Keeping Plants In Your Kitchen

Plants are a great way to introduce new colours, smells and even functions into your kitchen. Any horticulturist will tell you there is a huge number of plants that can be kept happy in a kitchen environment.

Herbs & Edibles

One of the most popular choices of plant to grow in a kitchen are popular herbs that you commonly use in cooking. Not only do you get the freshest herbs possible that will taste great, but you can add new colours, smells and designs into your kitchen quite subtly. Whether you prefer basil, oregano, parsley or rosemary there are loads of different herbs that will all thrive in a kitchen. You even buy specialist planters that keep them watered and growing healthy to make your life even easier!

Beyond herbs, there are other edible plants that fit right into kitchens. There are varieties of fruit-bearing tree’s small enough to fit into a kitchen, even a busy one! Not only will this look good, smell good but it will taste good too! Everything from miniature orange trees to cherries - you’ll find one that suits you.

House Plants

With such a huge range of plants suited to indoor life, you’re spoilt for choice as to how to bring some new dynamics into your kitchen. With so many different maintenance options, colours and scents readily available, there is a house plant to suit each and every kitchen and person - even if you don’t have green thumbs! Plants like Winter Jasmine or a Goldfish Plant look great on a countertop if space allows for it. Alternatively, you can hang plants in unused space like areas above the appliances that would normally go unused. A hanging basket of English Ivy or Ferns can look great and add a new focal point to your kitchen.


If you’re still doubtful about your interior gardening ability, why not look at some succulents. Cacti and Aloe Vera are always popular choices, but if you want to try something more adventurous like Jade or Crown of Thorns. Succulents can look just as good as other houseplants despite needing even less maintenance and watering.

Keep It Simple

If all else fails, you could always resort to a nice vase and some fake flowers that compliment your kitchens colour scheme - just make sure to keep them free of dust! However, if you still want real flowers in your kitchen, head down to your local supermarket and buy yourself a new bouquet of seasonal flowers to treat yourself. Daffodils in spring, roses in summer and so on, it might be simple but it still looks great!

Posted on: 8th January 2019

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