How To Prepare For A Kitchen Makeover

It’s no secret that any work done in your home can be messy; with all the different tools, materials and workmen it's bound to cause some disruption to your clean spaces. Kitchen makeovers are no different, whilst they are quicker to complete, they can create just as much dust and dirt as any other renovation.

Step 1: Inspiration

The first (and arguably one of the most important) steps in preparation for a kitchen makeover is gaining inspiration for what you’re trying to achieve. You could do this by looking through blog posts, previous kitchen makeovers (we have some great examples), magazines and on Pinterest. Doing so enables you to gain a greater vision towards what overall look you’re hoping to achieve - whether it be more of a traditional or temporary style, there is plenty of inspiration out there - no matter what your budget.

Step 2: Time & Budget

Whilst it is great planning out your dream kitchen, and getting inspiration from various sources, it is easy to get carried away. Therefore, from the start, it is important to outline the time you have available to carry out the project, and the budget you have available for this. Whilst a kitchen makeover is a great option if you have a tighter budget, due to the various options available, you will want to ensure the changes that you are planning to make fit within your allocated budget. If you fail to plan around this, halfway into the project you may find changes you wanted to do are not an option for you - and therefore you fail to achieve the desired look for your kitchen.

This idea applies to the timescale you are allowing for the project also, it should be at a time most convenient to you - where you can dedicate time to making these changes. Perhaps avoid doing it at times you know you will be busier and have lots planned otherwise the project will only be delayed further, and end up costing you more.

Step 3: Plan

After carrying out the above steps, it’s important to plan the process to ensure you are on track throughout the course of the project. This also ensures that you stay organised, and do not go over budget - which is key. You can do this by using to-do lists, and putting a schedule together that you can easily follow. With your kitchen being in turmoil, it might be worth preparing some of your meals in advance or arrange to go out for dinner - to make the whole process easier.

Step 4: Prepare The Space

You’re almost ready for the kitchen makeover to begin now - so a final step is to clean and prepare the space ready for the makeover. The preparation process will differ depending on your makeover, if you’re planning on new kitchen worktops, it will require you to pack up much of your kitchen (in terms of appliances etc). Similarly, updating tiles is a larger job and will take a little more preparation. See your kitchen makeover as the opportunity to give your kitchen an in-depth clean - which is not always as easily done usually.

Step 5: Begin & Don’t Stress

A kitchen makeover can bring many stresses, arguments and disagreements - and this is to be expected. However, if you put the preparation and processes in place to have as much control over the project as possible; you will notice your stresses are greatly reduced. It is important to try and remain positive throughout and have the end goal in sight.

At kitchenfit, we try and make the whole process as easy as possible for everybody involved to make sure you have minimal stress. Get in touch with us to arrange your kitchen makeover. 

Posted on: 20th October 2017

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