How to paint your bathroom


  1. Take all your pictures and decorations down and cover anything that can’t be moved.
  2. Remove everything you can from the walls including towel rails and wall switch covers. If they cannot be moved (or it seems like too much hassle) then make sure you mask out the edges with tape.
  3. Using masking tape or specialist painting tape, tape around your skirting board, door and window trims to avoid paint dripping.
  4. Cover the floor with sheets.
  5. Wash the walls down with warm water to avoid dust sticking to the paint

You’re ready to paint!

If your walls are currently dark or bright, you will need to use a primer on your walls before you start painting your chosen colour onto the walls.

Cut in around the edges of your walls and around any fittings with a paintbrush. If you have some fiddly fittings to paint around, it would be easier for you to use a small brush.

Once you have cut in, use a roller to paint the large sections.

If you have used primer, you might need a second coat depending on how dark your walls were.

Wait for the paint to dry between coats.

Great colour schemes for bathrooms

When you think of a bathroom colour scheme, the first colours that probably come to mind are pale blues and neutrals. These colours will always be classic in a bathroom, however, don’t be afraid to play around and be bolder!

We are seeing some great colourful trends in bathroom design this year. If you want to introduce this trend to your bathroom, you could opt for a statement wall in your favourite bright colour. If you’re not that daring, keep your walls plain and introduce bright colours with accessories like towels.

One of our favourite colour palettes this year follows the botanical trends. Earthy browns and greens look fantastic with wooden accessories and a small plant.

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Posted on: 21st October 2016

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