How To Make Your Kitchen Smell Just As Good As It Looks

What’s the first thing you notice about somebody's kitchen? You might think it’s how it looks, but if you think about it, you can normally smell a kitchen before you see it. The scent that embraces you as you enter somebody else's home is normally a culmination of their culinary history, but there are ways to control this for your own kitchen if you are concerned your visitors will only smell last night’s fish dinner.

Boil Citrus Peel

This is an old trick used amongst many to add a sense of cleanliness and freshness to any kitchen. Simply add in peels from an orange, lemon or lime (or all 3!), into a pan with boiling water. As the water evaporates, it carries the scent from the peel throughout your kitchen, eliminating any lingering odours and replacing them with a fruity smell that can spread through the whole house if you leave it long enough! For a more complex scent throughout your home, you can always add herbs into your mix to add extra scent layers. Lavender or mint can add extra aromatic tones to compliment your citruses.

Make Herbal Tea

If you are a bit of tea lover already, this option is right up your street! Herbal tea is already infused with lots of great smelling ingredients. All you need to do is brew up enough tea to create a noticeable smell that can fill your kitchen. It doesn’t even have to be drunk right away. You buy tea that is specifically made to become cold brew! Not only will your kitchen smell great, but you also get to drink lots of tea and receiver all the health benefits of herbal tea!

Use Plants & Flowers

One of the most obvious solutions to make any room smell nice is to add some nice flowers and plants. Because of plants natural functions, they will recycle your dirty bad smelling air and replace it with much fresher air that doesn’t smell bad. Additionally, flowers are synonymous with smelling nice, so you get fresh air indoors but a lovely floral scent to greet you every time you cook!

Use Dried Herbs

If you aren’t as green fingered as the people using the above method, there is an alternative. Don’t bother yourself with having to grow and maintain your own plants, just buy dried herbs to use in your cooking. Great flavours in your food and great smells that meet you as soon as you enter your kitchen. This is an especially great trick if like the mild earthy smell to accompany the freshness and depth of the herb aroma.


Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked goods? There is nothing more homely than coming home to the smell of freshly baked bread filling your home, it’s almost dream-like. Whether it’s cake, biscuits or bread - having something delicious in your oven baking is a sure-fire, quick and tasty way to make your kitchen smells amazing. It’s enough to make your mouth water. If for some reason you don’t like the smell of bread or cake (and let’s be honest, it’s unlikely) you can add strong flavours into your baking like vanilla or orange to add extra aromatic tones to your kitchen.

Secret Dryer Sheets

This is a bit of an odd secret that not many know of. Placing dryer sheets in secret locations around your kitchen can help eliminate bad odours whilst replacing them with a much fresher scent. There are loads of different scents available that range from tropical to floral, placing a few in unseen areas can really boost the overall smell of your kitchen. From inside drawer fronts to underneath cupboards and even between your bin and bin bag, all will leave a fresher smell throughout your kitchen. Dryer sheets can also be coupled with fake plants if you like the aesthetic of a few flowers in your kitchen but they play havoc with your allergies or your just bad at keeping plants alive. Simply slide a dryer sheet underneath the pot of a fake plant and it will smell just like the real thing!

Posted on: 4th April 2019

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