How to make the most out of restricted kitchen space

With space becoming more and more restricted in new houses, and the items we want and need getting bigger and more technical, the question is brought forward: how do you maximise space in a kitchen, without compromising on design or function? There are plenty of smart and creative methods to maximise workspace, improve function and maintain the style of one of  the most important rooms in the house;  the kitchen.

Stick to basics

If the space you are working with is incredibly small, stick to the basic necessities. Out of the all of the possible appliances you can squeeze into a kitchen, sometimes simplicity and minimalism works better. Finding ways to combine your appliances also saves a lot of space, for example getting a fridge-freezer combo instead of separate appliances. One of the most popular solutions is to consider a built-in oven with multi-functional uses like having a microwave built in; stylish, functional and space-saving.

Think outside of the box

Sometimes we need to break away from doing things conventionally. Is there a more efficient way to store those large pots and pans? Ditch the cupboard storage and hang stuff from walls, it looks interesting and you still have access to all of your things. Plus, it stops us spilling every pan we own out on the floor and onto your feet, because that hurts.

Pull yourself away from handles

For a sleeker and more modern look, bin the handles on your cupboard doors and drawers. Opt for a smoother finish, with either push-to-open mechanisms or small troughs and channels that allow for your finger to grip the door and open. It saves space, you don't get snagged on handles and your whole kitchen will look smoother.

Lighten up!

Light is key. Having a well-lit kitchen will liven up the area and make it feel a lot bigger and welcoming to you and your guests. Spotlighting is an effective modern method of highlighting the key areas in bright light, good for both practicality and aesthetics! If you want to splash out and create more subtle mood lighting around your kitchen, LED strips with colour changing ability, can be fitted in those unseen places to provide a subtle colourful glow.

Plan your layout

Most kitchens work on using a ‘golden triangle’ rule. Getting the right amount of space between the oven, the fridge and the sink for optimum convenience out of your kitchen. If you plan the layout of your kitchen down to perfection, the rest all falls into place. Consider the size of things, and how you interact with them Is it going to be better to have tall cabinets that reach from floor to ceiling or shorter cabinets you can store on top of too? Will your kitchen work better using more drawers and fewer cabinets so you have easier access to the contents? Is there anywhere you can install extra storage space that doesn’t mean loss of space? Under surface storage works really well for this.

Consider your frequency

This might just be common sense, but store what you use most in places you can reach easier. Whether it’s hanging knife off of a magnetic strip fastened to a wall, or your favourite pan right at the front of the drawer. If you don’t use it, it shouldn’t be getting in the way of the stuff you do use. Simple.

Embrace the chaos

Working in a small kitchen is never going to be easy. So you have two options: have a military style organisation (which sounds tiring) or just embrace the chaos that ensues. If it’s a mess, make it fun. Keep track of everything and keep your worktops as clear as possible, otherwise just have a messy kitchen and enjoy it!

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Posted on: 23rd May 2017

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