How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean With Dogs

49% of us in the UK share our homes with a furry friend, and whilst owning a dog has so many benefits on our own health and wellbeing, they can cause a lot of mess. Whether it’s muddy paw prints after their walk, their fur getting everywhere or simply finding a place to keep all their food and toys. From both a cleanliness and organisational point of view, it’s important to keep clean and tidy with our dogs in the kitchen. Take a look at these top tips for some inspiration.

Groom Pets Regularly

We’re pretty sure that we don’t have to remind you that dog hair gets just about everywhere. Even in the places, you wouldn’t expect! However, keeping on top of grooming really does help in reducing shedding. Schedule some time in for brushing your dog a couple of times a week to help keep that stray fur at bay. If you can, try to brush them outside, that way you can keep as much fur as possible outside of your house.

Keep Fur At Bay

As we’ve discussed, our furry friends’ fluff can get just about anywhere. That includes on chopping boards and other surfaces where you’re likely to be preparing food in your kitchen. Before you start working with any food, make sure to wipe all surfaces with an antibacterial cleaner to avoid someone getting a nasty surprise in their sandwich…

Clean Up Doggy Messes

Like with any pet, accidents do happen from time to time especially if you’ve got a pup. Make sure to keep your kitchen hygienic by cleaning up mess quickly with anti-bacterial cleaner, and spritz with lemon water solution afterwards as this helps to prevent smells from lingering. Top tip, if you find your rugs or carpets are smelling a bit ‘doggy’, sprinkle over some baking soda before hoovering. You’ll be amazed at how fresh they will smell!

Everything In Its Place

From both a hygiene and organisational perspective, keeping all your pet supplies in one place is important. You don’t want to be mixing dog food and toys with the ingredients and kitchenware involved in cooking. Use some handy storage containers to keep all your dog’s food and treats together to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

Stop Mud At The Door

Going on long walks is a great activity for both you and your dog… Until you get back home and your furry friend is covered in mud. Stop mud from entering your home by keeping an old towel by the door and getting a bowl of water ready to wash those muddy paws. Unfortunately, keeping every ounce of mud out of the kitchen isn’t that easy. So when you do get muddy floors, get your mop ready to clean it ASAP to avoid staining and facing a bigger job that might occur later on.

Squeegees Will Become Your BFF

This is our top tip for getting dog fur out of deep-pile doormats and carpets. Get yourself a squeegee, just a regular one you’d use for cleaning your windows. Rub it back and forth across the carpet and you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much fur (and human hair) it brings up!

Of course, some dogs are messier than others and keeping your space clean will extra more time and effort. However, the principles and tips you can use are the same. Keep on top of any messes, and try and limit the amount of fur and dirt they bring into your kitchen. Spend more time with your dog then tidying up after it!

Posted on: 12th February 2019

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