Give Your Kitchen A Makeover On A Budget

Kitchens are now considered the heart of the home, and more than ever are used as a place to entertain - so you’re going to want to make sure it’s looking at its best. So whilst you have dreams to transform your tired looking kitchen to a place you’re proud to entertain in, you may be concerned about your limited budget. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can update and refresh your kitchen with these ideas!

Kitchen Door Replacement

Replacing your kitchen doors may not have been something you would have thought about, but it can really change the whole look of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a larger makeover. So whether you’re wanting to achieve that classic, contemporary or shaker style - there are plenty of kitchen door styles to suit you.

If your kitchen doors are still of a high quality, and you’re just looking to update them painting them could be an option for you, and a great way to change the overall feel of your kitchen.

Feature Wall

Adding a feature wall is still one of the quickest and cheapest ways you can update your space, without having to do something major to the room. You could decide to do this with wallpaper or paint, or simply decorating the wall with photos or paintings, it really depends on what goes with your style.

A top tip is using a feature wall if you have a kitchen-diner, as this can really help to divide and maximise the space available. It helps to differentiate the kitchen from the dining area, which is really useful if you’re limited on space.

Changing Worktops

To change the look of your kitchen radically, you could look at changing your worktops. Here at Kitchen Fit Sandiacre, we offer a wide range of worktops including granite, stone, Getacore and laminate options to suit every style.

If you’re wanting more of a cost effective option, using laminate could be the solution for you. It is quickly becoming a more popular option for people, due to its versatile nature, and how it can suit any style of kitchen - from classic to contemporary.

Changing Handles / Taps

A highly cost effective option is looking at changing the handles and taps in your kitchen, as changing these little details can really add to the overall style of your kitchen. There’s bound to be a style and price to suit your style, from sleek white handles for a modern look to wooden handles for that country vibe. Similarly, looking at changing the taps for your sink can really help to add to the overall style of your kitchen, you could decide to go for a very sleek modern design or perhaps a more traditional style and finish.


When it comes to putting across the overall style of your kitchen, don’t underestimate the use of finishing touches. Choosing a theme of accessories to use can really help to bring together the look of your kitchen, and it is also a very cost effective option.

If you have a dresser, or lots of open shelf storage it’s a great idea to show off your favourite pieces which are inline with your theme. Alternatively, use soft furnishings - tea towels, table cloths and cushions - to add pops of colour or textures to your space and liven up your kitchen.

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Posted on: 10th August 2017

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