Cooking for a crowd

You’ve invited a load of family and/or friends over to your house for a meal (usually a spontaneous action which is followed by regret when it comes to planning the meal). We’ve all been there and felt the same anxiety; ‘will there be enough to go around?’, ‘will there be a fussy eater that will go hungry?’.

Our team have a few tips that will help you plan the perfect meal and hopefully take some of the stress out of what should be a great evening with loved ones!

Stick to what you know

Trying out a new recipe can be stressful even if you’re only cooking for one! Stick to what you know and know people like; you can’t go too far wrong with a tried and tested recipe.

Stick to what THEY know

You may well get one or two guests that verge on annoyingly fussy. Opt for food that nearly everyone likes; chicken, potato, pasta, pizza, chili etc.

You can’t host from the kitchen

If you’re stuck in the kitchen preparing food all evening, your guests will miss you and you’ll miss your party! Plan a meal you can fully prepare in advance so all you’ll need to do when your guests are round is take it out the oven. Dishes that work well for this reason; lasagne, pizza, chili, cottage pie etc.

Prepare enough

The only place you can go wrong with this part is not thinking it through. Write down how much of each ingredient you normally use when preparing that meal for your usual numbers. Then, just find out how much you would need for one serving (divide it by how many people you usually cook for). Then, times that by how many people you will be cooking for. (Make a bit extra to be on the safe side - if it turns out well, someone will ask for more anyway!)

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Posted on: 6th October 2016

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