Christmas 2019: Preparing your Kitchen for the Festive Season

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about the plan of action around the festive season. Almost definitely, this will involve your kitchen - whether this is for preparing a big Christmas dinner, family drinks or even just a visit from a few friends to get merry. It can be a stressful time if your kitchen is unorganised, cluttered and unclean - so it’s good practice to make sure it’s in order before it gets too late and you are too busy. Keep reading to find out our top kitchen design and appliance tips which you can use to create a kitchen of dreams before the big day.

Clean out your fridge

Making room for the influx of Christmas food and treats is a necessity on the run-up to the Christmas period. This includes clearing out your out-of-date food and condiments, removing unwanted items from your fridge, reorganising the usable items and completely cleaning and sanitising the shelves and draws.

Remove clutter from your worktops

You are going to need every inch of countertop space if you are hosting a Christmas get together or preparing Christmas dinner for the family. Clearing away unnecessary appliances, household items, and general clutter is the best way to both maximise your space and get the kitchen looking fresh.

Disinfect the bins

Over time, even bins with bags can become extremely unclean and in desperate need of disinfecting. Take any bags out of the bin and fill it with hot water and disinfectant, leave it to soak and then discard the water outside. Make sure that you allow the bin to dry fully before putting another bag in to avoid creating a damp smell.

Clean the microwave

The microwave is a handy appliance which can be used to reheat food on Christmas day or Boxing day - but nobody wants to open a microwave door splattered with old food. Wet a sponge with hot soapy water and clean the inside of the microwave, making sure to get beneath the plate and around the sides.

A great tip for freshening up your microwave is to use lemons. Get a bowl and fill it with about ½ cup of water, slice a lemon in half and squeeze it into the water then add the halves into the bowl. Microwave on full power for 3 minutes so the liquid comes to a boil - and then leave it (with the door shut) for at 5-8 minutes. Then clean the insides of the microwave with a wet sponge.

Clean the oven

Making sure your oven is clean and ready for the turkey is important to make sure Christmas dinner runs smoothly. It’s going to work extremely hard over the festive period, but it won’t be able to if your oven is a grubby, sticky mess. Unclean ovens actually means food will take longer to cook and can leave some things tasting a little bit funny too. Old food stuck inside of your oven is also a fire hazard - definitely not something you would want to deal with at Christmas time - or ever.

Clear out your cupboards

Let’s admit it, we all have old tins or cans of something we once thought would be useful stashed in the back of our cupboards. It’s easy for unwanted food to build up and leave little for new fresh food. Making sure you sort through this before you start your Christmas food shopping will create a load of space for things like the cranberry sauce, stuffing, bottles of mulled wine and the boxes of Christmas chocs. You can donate all your (in date) tins and canned food to your local food bank and help people in need out this Christmas.

Check your appliances

Go around your kitchen and check all the appliances are clean and in working order. Make sure your kettle is free from built-up limescale, that your food cookers work, and your toaster is free of crumbs which can be a big fire hazard. You wouldn’t want to discover on Christmas day that your steam cooker doesn’t turn on.

These are some of the ways to prepare your kitchen for the festive season - but if you are hoping to get a whole new kitchen as a present for your partner or just a gift from you to you - we can transform your kitchen into one of dreams. Get in touch to see how we can create the perfect kitchen makeover.

Posted on: 22nd October 2019

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