Best Colours For A Small Kitchen

There are so many people out there with a small kitchen and it can be extremely frustrating, as for the most part there isn’t much you can do to fix this. Of course, there are lots of hacks for this in terms of organisation, having a minimal mindset and trying not to keep too much in there. But despite your hard efforts, your kitchen is still looking cramped and small. You’re left thinking, how can I make my kitchen look bigger? The answer is in the colours you choose for your kitchen, which can completely transform the overall feel of the space.

Light & Cool Colours

Light and cool colours are your best friend to enlarge your kitchen space visually. Whites and other light colours work well as they reflect light in a space, which help to increase that sense of space. If you use it consistently across your ceilings, walls, worktops and cabinets it helps to reduce boundaries and edges, which are what close a room off and make us more aware of the space around us. Examples of colours you could use are:
  • White & Off-White
  • Light Blues & Greens
  • Pastel Colours (pinks & purples)
  • Light Greys

Colours To Avoid

There are certain colours to avoid when it comes to making your kitchen look larger than it actually is. Some colours can make spaces feel claustrophobic, closed off and generally shrink a space, and this is because dark colours tend to absorb the light, rather than reflect it. Some of the key colours to avoid include:
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Lime Green
  • Dark greys/blues/greens/maroon


Whilst this post is about colour choice for your kitchen, the materials you use to compliment your the colour choice is just as important. Using surfaces and finishes that are glossy or reflective really help in bouncing that light around, and make the space look brighter and bigger than it actually is. Another great hack is to include mirrors where and when you can, the reflections are fantastic at making your room look much bigger.

You Can Still Have An Accent Wall

Now just because you have a limited colour palette, it doesn’t mean that you’re restricted to only using white and leaving the room looking cold and with a lack of personality. Even with a small space, you can make use of bolder colours for an accent wall. This is a great tip for helping the accent wall fade into the background, enlarging a space. Alternatively, you could decide to paint opposite walls in the same, darker colour and the other two in the lighter colour. This contrast helps to elongate the room and therefore makes your kitchen look larger than it is!
We hope you’ve got some ideas to help your small kitchen look larger than it actually is, through the power of colour!

Posted on: 18th December 2018

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