5 ways to spot a dodgy tradesman

Picking the right tradesman

It’s not uncommon to feel anxious about hiring a tradesman to carry out any sort of work in your home. We want to inform you as best we can so you have the best chance of avoiding disappointment.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when looking for a tradesman;

A very cheap quote or no quote

You should be wary if you get a quote that seems way cheaper than others you have had. Chances are, this builder will be cutting corners somewhere whether it’s with the quality of work or the quality of materials used.

A bad tradesman might give you a very rough quote or might not quote you at all. One of the reasons the tradesman might not be able to give you a quote is because they are highly inexperienced.

You should always ask for a quote in writing and if the tradesman is not willing to give you this, go to someone who will.

You can’t find them online

A lot of tradesman won’t even have their own website because their businesses are able to survive on word of mouth alone. However, they should at least be listed on some directories and may even have some presence on social media. If you can’t find anything about them online at all, it might be a warning sign.

Door knocking

If the reason you know about this tradesman is from them knocking on your door, steer well clear. A good tradesman will normally always have enough work on without resorting to these ‘marketing’ tactics.

It’s important to note that door knocking is often a tactic used by cowboy builders. They operate in small locations for short periods of time before moving on and becoming untraceable.

Unusual payment requirements

You might be required to make a deposit payment which will be deducted off the total price once the project is finished. That is acceptable given your builder needs security, too!

However, there are warning signs to look out for. For example, if they only accept cash, they might be acting dishonestly and avoiding taxes.

If you would like further information, go to the Citizens Advice website.

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Posted on: 15th September 2016

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